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Doctoral Programme in Economics, Finance and Management is organised by the Collegium of World Economy of the Warsaw School of Economics and is regulated by a set of specific regulations officially approved by the Senate of the Warsaw School of Economics.

Doctoral Programme in Economics, Finance and Management  lasts 4 years (8 semesters). Lectures and seminars take place on Saturdays and Sundays, approximately twice a month.

Tuition fee for the 7th edition starting in the academic year 2016/2017

- EU+EFTA citizens - 30.000 PLN (PLN 8.500 - 1st year, PLN 8.000 - 2nd year, 7.500 PLN - 3rd year, 6.000 PLN - 4th year)

- citizens of other countries than EU+EFTA - EUR 17.600 (EUR 4.400 for each year)

Recruitment procedure for the academic year 2016/2017

ON-LINE REGISTRATION for the Doctoral Programme in Economics, Finance and  Management

Application for admission, Curriculum Vitae, Cover letter and General description of the research goals must be prepared in English.

Information about the requirements and the mode of the recruitment process for the first year of the part-time doctoral programme in English in the academic year 2016/2017

1. Collegium of World Economy

2. The right to award a PhD degree in the academic discipline: Economics/Management/Finance

3. Name of the doctoral programme: Doctoral Programme in Economics, Finance and Management

4. Duration of the doctoral programme: 4 years

5. Mode of the doctoral programme: Part-time

6. Limit of seats: 30

7. The minimum number of points the candidate has to obtain in the recruitment process: 19 points

8. Required documents:

a)     Application for admission

b)     Master’s degree diploma, or equivalent (Graduates of Polish Universities - "odpis dyplomu"; Graduates of non-Polish Universities - certified copy of the diploma) or a document confirming that the candidate is the beneficiary of the "Diamentowy Grant".

            * In case of foreign diplomas - information / general opinion on diploma certifying the completion of university studies entitling to start doctoral studies in Poland, issued by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, ENIC-NARIC Poland.

c)     Curriculum Vitae including professional and scientific achievements (in particular publications, work in scientific students’ organizations, participation in scientific conferences, awards and distinctions, internships),

d)     Cover letter, in which the candidate determines the scope of his/her scientific interests,

e)     General description of the research goals in the area of ​​the planned dissertation. General description of the research goals should be no longer that 6,000 characters, excluding spaces. It is suggested that the following points should be covered:

               - Introduction specifying the research problem the candidate wants to address,

               - Background of the problem in literature – gaps in the scientific literature the candidate intends to fill in with his or her research project,

               - Major components of the research problem – the most important research questions,

               - Reasons for selecting the problem – theoretical and practical importance of the problem,

               - Research method for solving the research problem.

f)     A certificate or other document confirming knowledge of the English language,

g)    Two photos (45x65 mm).

9. A candidate with a disability may request specific accommodations for the recruitment process. In such a case, the meeting with the Recruitment Committee takes place in a building adapted to the needs of candidate.

10. A candidate can present additional information and opinions about his/her academic qualifications, including recommendations from the independent academic employee who meets the requirements of a PhD student’s academic supervisor.

11. Deadline for submitting application documents: 10.01.2017

12. Description of the recruitment process:

The final results of the recruitment process is determined by the Collegium’s Recruitment Committee, based on points awarded for:

a)     Assessment of the Master’s degree diploma: 0 - 3 points

b)     General description of the research goals in the area of ​​the planned dissertation: 0 - 10 points

d)     Documented scientific achievements, including scientific publications - articles, chapters in books, papers at scientific conferences: 0 - 5 points

e)     Participation in research projects: 0 - 5 points

f)      Assessment of the interview with the Recruitment Committee: 0 - 10 points

g)     Additional information and the opinion regarding the scientific qualification of the candidate, including the recommendation of a scientific employee meeting the conditions required of an academic supervisor of a PhD student; a candidate who presents additional information may receive a higher final grade: 0 - 5 points

Interview date - 23.01.2017, 10:00 am, Building M (Madalińskiego 6/8 St.), room 2

(with candidates permanently residing outside of Poland, the interview can be conducted via Skype, request on this matter should be send to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Recruitment Committee makes the decision regarding the admission of the candidate to the Programme in accordance with the order decided on during the recruitment process, within the limits of seats. If two or more candidates receive the same number of points, which entitles them both to be admitted to the Programme, and at the same time the limit of granted seats does not allow the addition of them all, the Chair of the Recruitment Committee may request, through the Dean of the Collegium, the Rector, to make an appropriate increase in the limit of the seats or to announce a complementary recruitment procedure involving all the candidates with the same number of points. The Recruitment Committee reserves the right to decide whether to accept or reject a candidate from the selection process regardless of total score of the candidate.

13. Deadline for announcement of the results: within two weeks from the date of the interview

14. Place of announcing the results of the recruitment procedure:

Warsaw School of Economics

Office of the Collegium of World Economy

Madalińskiego 6/8 St., 02-513 Warsaw

Room 130


15. Starting date of the Doctoral Programme: February 2017



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